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3 common parenting plan mistakes

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Child Custody |

Divorcing parents must devote significant energy to developing a comprehensive parenting plan that will guide them in the months and years that follow. Balancing the needs of the children with the needs of the adults can be a challenging experience that often becomes overwhelming. Additionally, parents might attempt to include an incredible amount of detailed contingencies while overlooking some common factors.

Three common mistakes that a divorcing couple might make when drafting a parenting plan are:

  • Failing to account for dangerous weather: Illinois residents are no strangers to handling challenging weather throughout the year. From a blistering heat wave to several inches of snow in an afternoon, each season seems to bring its own dramatic flavor to any event. Parents planning a child custody exchange need to take these weather patterns into account. If snow or freezing rain makes safe travel impossible, the couple should have acceptable contingencies in place.
  • Failing to discuss punishment communication: While couples might disagree on the types of punishment, they tend to agree that negative behavior must be addressed. Unfortunately, the activity and the punishment are not always communicated from one household to the next. It is imperative that parents let each other know what the child did and what type of punishment they are facing. Whether this is immediately communicated over text or email, or a specific portion of the custody exchange is devoted to discussing these matters, parents must discuss it.
  • Failing to discuss body modifications: As the child ages, he or she will likely want to express his or her personality physically. From a simple change in hairstyle to more permanent action like tattoos or piercings, the divorcing parents must at least discuss how these decisions will get made.

A divorcing couple has countless negotiations to work through during the divorce process. From determining issues relating to custody and support to dividing property and assigning debt responsibility, the couple will likely face stress and worry at every stage. By working with an experienced family law attorney, the individuals can seek guidance uniquely tailored to their concerns for the future.