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Experienced Representation In Tax Deed Foreclosure Matters

When looking for an investment opportunity, many people turn to real estate and property. Developers and individuals alike often utilize a tax deed foreclosure, where a tax certificate on a property is purchased in order to obtain property for future development or to generate income in the future.

Handling deed foreclosure matters is a niche, exacting practice that is handled at Buckley & Buckley Law, P.C., by attorney Bridget Buckley. Her knowledge of these matters, as well as her enjoyment in handling these types of cases for clients in Edwardsville and the surrounding areas, render Ms. Buckley an exceptional choice for you.

What Is A Tax Deed Foreclosure?

Essentially, a tax deed foreclosure is a process in which a person can buy tax debt on a property. They put in a bid with the county to purchase unpaid taxes. Then, if the taxes do not get paid by the owner, the person can put a foreclosure in motion. This can work for a business, residential, or vacant or abandoned property. A tax deed foreclosure can work whether or not there are people living in or on the property.

An example of when someone might do a tax deed foreclosure is when you are living in a house with a vacant lot behind it, and you’d like to purchase that vacant lot. If it turns out that there are unpaid taxes on that lot, you can put in a bid with the county to pay unpaid taxes and interest. If the owner doesn’t step in and pay taxes, you can bring the property through foreclosure and acquire it.

Why Should You Have An Attorney?

People who don’t do their research or don’t have a knowledgeable lawyer on their side can end up with a property that is going to be too expensive to develop. For example, they may not realize that the property was a section 8, and now they won’t get their money back. In order to protect your rights and interests in the property for both the short-term and long-term outlook, talk with an attorney about your tax deed foreclosure concerns.

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