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Helping children adjust to changes in their schedule after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Family Law |

The effect of a divorce on a family’s typical schedule and routines can be difficult for parents to navigate. Likewise, the changes can feel especially distressing and disruptive to children.

After resolving how to allocate parenting time, parents need to work together to make the transition be more manageable for children. By supporting one another, they will be better able to support their children’s well-being after a divorce.

Stay accessible

Suddenly not seeing a parent every day may be rather upsetting to children. When children are with one parent during his or her parenting time, they should still be able to speak to their other parent when they wish to.

Regular opportunities for communication by phone via phone calls or checking in with video calls can help preserve normalcy after a divorce. Sustaining communication reinforces the positive emotional connection and security that children get from parental contact.

Balance activities with each parent

It is understandable that parents want the time that their children spend with them to be fun, but they need to be mindful about how they structure their children’s schedules. A big excursion with each parent in a short time frame may be too much for children to take on. Moms and dads also need to be attentive to how academics and extracurricular activities bear on planned activities.

Ultimately, parents need to be conscientious about working together as a team. They have to move past whatever led to the end of a marriage and focus on co-parenting effectively.